Available Services

Let us help you realize your security goals through a combination of approaches:

  • on-site/virtual trainings
  • cutting edge tooling and automation
  • organization hardening
  • alignment on security in company culture
  • policy documentation, controls, and certifications

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Whether it’s SOC, ISO, GDPR compliance, or another certification regime, Munro Security can help you realize those goals. According to CyberGuard Compliance:

[Certifications send] a powerful message to both your competitors and potential customers that you are applying best practices as they pertain to implementation and reporting on control systems.

Policies and Controls

Not sure which policies or controls are appropriate for your organization? Let us help make that determination. Certifications typically require some control regime, which cover technical, process, and organizational change management.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments help your organization understand and align on the severity and probability of risks. With each risk receiving a score, prioritization and remediation become much easier to agree on and handle proactively.

Incident Response Training

Hello? Is this thing working?

Is your incident response currently ad-hoc? Learn how you can improve your incident response (IR) game, reducing downtime and improving overall system stability.

Check out our blog post to get a better idea what IR training includes: Managing Incident Response Like A Pro.

CVE Management

CVE stands for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. And unfortunately, they are growing at an alarming rate.

Older CVEs are becoming weaponized at an increasing pace as well.

Through the use of tooling and threat modelling we can help you gain visibility into what CVEs are in your platform, and which are relevant.

We can even help with remediation.

Infrastructure Auditing

Get a comprehensive report of insecure settings and publicly exposed infrastructure. We’re happy to help fix any findings.

General Information Security Consulting

Not seeing what you need? We might still be able to help. If we can’t provide the specific expertise you need, we will connect you with someone who can.